Query Page Reference

Query page consists of the following elements:

Tab Bar

Tab bar is the uppermost part of the query page. The left part of tab bar displays currently opened queries. The right part of the tab bar contains the following buttons:

Open new tab

This icon opens a new tab with an empty query.

This icon opens Query Gallery, which allows you to select and open a previously stored or predefined query.

< >

These buttons are available when too many queries are open on the page. They allow scrolling tabs when there are too many of them to fit in the tab bar.


Query Toolbar is located under tab bar. It contains the following user interface elements:

Connection list

This element allows you to select a connection for a query.


This button executes the query.


This button allows saving the query to Query Gallery.


This button clears the current query.


This button opens a copy of the current query in a new tab.


Builder tab opens the Builder view of the query (check Query Page Basics for more details).


SQL tab opens the SQL view of the query.


Data tab opens the Data view of the query.

Connection Object List

Connection Object List in the left part of the query displays the list of objects from the currently selected connection. Read more about it in the Connection Object List topic.

Quote icon — this button hides and shows the Connection Object List.

Query Builder

Query Builder is available in the right part of the page on the Builder view. Read more about it in the Query Builder topic.

SQL Editor

SQL Editor is available in the right part of the page on the SQL view. It allows you to enter SQL statements and provides syntax highlighting for them.


The Results area displays query results as a grid with data. Read more about it in the Results topic.

Status Bar

Status bar displays query execution status, duration, and number of displayed or affected records.