Subscriptions, Payments and Trials

In Skyvia an account always has a subscription for a pricing plan assigned for each product — Data Integration, Backup, Query, and Connect. You can find the information about our pricing plans on our Pricing page. By default, a new account is subscribed to a Free plan for each product.

These products are used completely independently, and you need to pay only for the product that you use, if the Free plan for this product is not enough for you. For example, if you only use data integration packages, you don’t need to pay for Query, Backup, and Connect.

Providing Trials

Skyvia provides a trial subsription for such products as Connect and Query. You can enable a subscription by clicking the Start trial button on the page of these products and use trials for Connect Standard and Professional, Query Standard. The trial subscription is provided for 2 weeks only once. After you enable the trial, you will see the date of its expiration.

Start trial button

Upon your request we may also consider providing you with the Data Integration and Backup trial.

Changing Pricing Plan

You can access your subscription for a product on your Account page. To open this page, click User icon in the top right corner of the page and then click Account. The Subscriptions tab displays active subscriptions for all your products. It also displays resource limits in pricing plans for products, and how much of the subcription limit you have used.

If a product has more than one pricing plan available, you can subscribe to other plan by clicking Upgrade plan (if you are subscribed to the free plan) or Change plan (if you are subscribed to a non-free plan) and then select a pricing plan. If you choose a more expensive plan, you will need to fill in the payment form and pay the plan.

If you choose to upgrade to a more expensive plan, Skyvia will calculate the price taking into consideration the current plan price and the number of days left to use the current plan. However, if you downgrade to a less expensive plan, we do not return any costs.

If you downgrade to a less expensive plan, and your current backup storage exceeds the storage limit available in the new plan, you can delete unnecessary backups for a certain period with the Clear History functionality. If you do not decrease the total backup storage space or upgrade to a paid plan, your oldest backups will be deleted automatically in two weeks!

This is also true when your subscription expires, and auto-renewal is disabled for Backup. You are automatically switched to the free pricing plan with 1 Gb of storage space available. If your backup storage exceeds 1 Gb, and you do not decrease the total backup storage space or upgrade to a paid plan, your oldest backups will be deleted automatically in two weeks.

Auto Renewal

When you purchase a subscription to a paid pricing plan, auto-renewal for a subscription is enabled by default. The subscription is provided on a monthly basis, so, if you keep the auto-renewal enabled, you will be automatically charged every month for this subscription. You can see the Auto Renewal status on your Account page on the Subscriptions tab in each subscription for a paid plan together with the date and sum of the next charge. These parameters are not available for free plans.

To disable auto-renewal when performing the payment, clear the Enable auto-renewal for this order check box in the Payment Options pane. You can also enable or disable auto-renewal later on your Account page on the Subscriptions tab by setting the Auto Renewal Status to Off.

If you have auto-renewal disabled for a product, you are automatically subscribed to the free plan when your subscription for a paid plan is expired.

Payments and Invoices

Skyvia charges you in the following cases:

  • When you upgrade from a less expensive or a free plan to a more expensive one.
  • If you have the auto-renewal set to On, when your subscription to a paid plan expires.
  • Some Data Integration plans allow processing additional records over the price plan month limit. These are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans. You are charged for these records at the end of the subscription month period. You must explicitly enable this feature on your account page to load extra records.

    For example, if you have paid for subscription on the January, 8th, and you have used Skyvia to process more records than the pricing plan includes till February, 8th, on February, 8th, you are charged for these additional records. When you have auto-renewal enabled, the price of these records is added to the subscription renewal payment. If you have auto-renewal disabled or if you have paid for the subscription for several months ahead, you are automatically charged the price of these records as a separate payment (still on February, 8th in our example).

For every payment, an invoice is created. The Invoices tab displays your invoices for the last 30 days. You can click an invoice to open its details or print it out. You can set time periods to display your invoices by clicking the Last 30 Days list, which allows selecting another period from the available options or by clicking Calendar. In Calendar, you can either select certain dates or change the time period manually by entering the required dates in the box. We do not limit you, you are free to change any parameter in the box — year, month, day, even minutes or seconds.