Skyvia Query is an online SQL client and query builder tool that allows querying and managing cloud and relational data with SQL statements. You can enter SQL statements via code editor or compose SELECT statements with visual query builder. Additionally Skyvia has the predefined Query Gallery, which contains a number of useful queries for common use cases.

Skyvia allows you to view queried data in the browser and export them as PDF or CSV files.

Supported SQL Statements

Skyvia Query supports SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements for cloud sources. For relational databases, Skyvia can execute all the statements, supported by the database, including DDL statements. For Backup Connections, Skyvia supports only SELECT statements. Skyvia Query supports all the Cloud Sources and Relational Databases, supported by other Skyvia tools.

In This Section

The Query Page Overview briefly describes Skyvia Query interface and introduces basic elements of Skyvia Query.

If you simply want to quickly execute an SQL query, check How to Execute SQL Statements.

The Visual Query Builder section describes Query Builder and shows how to design SELECT statements with it. It also has some examples of creating queries.

The Working with Returned Data section describes what you can do with returned data.

The Managing Queries section describes how to save your queries for future use and open them from the Query Gallery.

Finally, the Query Page Reference section describes Query page user interface elements in details.