April 2023

Automation Early Beta

Automation early beta is live. From now on, you can start automating your tasks with Skyvia. In the current state, the functionality is limited, and some features, such as Connection and Webhook triggers, are unavailable. Automation is a work-in-progress project, and we’ll be introducing more and more features with each upcoming release. The user interface is also subject to change as we gather feedback and make improvements. To learn more about automation possibilities in Skyvia, visit the Automation section. And now, don’t hesitate and go automate something.

New Connectors

ChartMogul — a real-time analytics and reporting tool for businesses with subscription billing.

Airtable — a powerful cloud database-spreadsheet hybrid platform for collaboration and data management.

Connectors Updates

Google Ads API v13 are supported in Google Ads connector.

Zoho CRM API v4 are supported in Zoho CRM connector. Note that there are certain performance and API call consumption considerations regarding API v4. An API call is performed for each record when querying values from the Photo field and when querying attachment content. See Performance Optimization for more details.

Custom fields are supported for Pipeline CRM.