June 2014

New Skyvia Releases

The release version Skyvia increases the list of supported online CRMs, greatly extends data import functionality, and adds support for bidirectional data synchronization between cloud CRMs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

Skyvia increases the list of supported online CRMs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now you can import data to Dynamics CRM, export its data to CSV files, replicate Dynamics CRM data to a relational database, and synchronize Dynamics CRM data with other data sources.

Import Improvements

Import functionality is now greatly extended. Any of supported data sources - CSV files, relational databases, and cloud CRMs - can be used as the source of data to import. And you now can import data not just to cloud CRMs, but also to relational databases.

Additionally, now you can import binary data as a zip archive with a set of binary files together with the CSV file.

Export Improvements

Now Skyvia allows exporting relational database tables and views to CSV files.


Skyvia also provides powerful data synchronization functionality. Now you easily can synchronize data between relational databases and cloud CRMs in both directions. Skyvia can synchronize data with different structure, automatically tracks data changes between synchronizations, and does not require changing data structure - adding custom fields and columns of any kind.

Secure FTP Support

SFTP and FTPS connections are supported in the release version of Skyvia. Now you can use secure FTP connections for importing or exporting data to CSV files.