CSV Target

CSV Target is a component that writes data to a CSV file. CSV files can be then downloaded manually or automatically placed to a file storage service.

To configure CSV Target, first you need to select the CSV Target Type — whether you want to download result files manually or place them to a storage service. If you want to upload file to a storage service, you also need to select of create a file storage Connection and select a Folder on the file storage service to place the result file into.

Additionally, you need to configure the result file naming. Select the File Name Type - whether you want to specify the file name as a constant or as an expression. Enter the corresponding Name if you need a constant or use Expression Editor to create an expression, to make your namme unique each time.

CSV Target can produce a CSV file with or without a header row with column names. This is determined by the Include header setting.

You can either let CSV Target automatically determine the result file columns based on its input columns or define the columns yourself. If you want to define columns yourself, under CSV Columns select Explicit columns. Then click the Edit link. In the CSV Columns dialog box, enter the list of column names. Each column name should be on the new line.

After this, you need to map the action parameters, corresponding to the specified columns.