March 2022

New Connectors

More new connectors have been released. This month among them are Close, Intercom, Zendesk Sell, Shippo.

Close — an all-in-one high-performance CRM for growing sales teams and turning more leads into revenue.

Intercom — a complete customer communications platform with bots, apps, product tours, etc. that enables targeted communication with customers on the website, inside the web, mobile apps, etc.

Zendesk Sell — a customer relationship management (CRM) system that enhances productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams. It helps sales teams streamline all their operations, track their contacts, result in an increase in sales, etc.

Shippo — a multi-carrier shipping software provider for e-commerce businesses that offers discounted shipping rates and ability to track packages, schedule pickups and print shipping labels.

The above connectors can be easily integrated with other data sources and queried. Their data can be published via OData or SQL endpoints.