Podio is a cloud collaboration service for organizing team communication, automating workflows, managing tasks, etc.

Data integration: Skyvia supports importing data to and from Podio, exporting Podio data to CSV files, replicating Podio data to relational databases, and synchronizing Podio data with other cloud apps and relational databases.

Backup: Skyvia Backup supports Podio backup.

Query: Skyvia Query supports Podio.

Establishing Connection

To create a connection to Podio, log in with Podio.

Creating Connection

To create a Podio connection, perform the following steps:

Connection Editor window

  1. Click Sign In with Podio, in the Connection Editor page.
  2. Enter your Podio credentials and click Sign in.

    Podio Log In window

  3. Podio will display the list of privileges required for Skyvia. Scroll the page to the bottom and click Grant access.

    Access to Podio Account window

Connector Specifics

Returning Function

Podio API doesn’t support the RETURNING function when you update or delete records in the Applications, Files, Forms, Organizations, and Spaces objects. It means that you receive an error if you execute an UPDATE or DELETE SQL command with a RETURNING statement.

Backup Specifics

Due to API specifics, the Fields and Participants fields of the Items and Conversations objects don’t allow you to restore data from their backups. Such fields require mapping other nested fields than those available in the backup. To restore data in the Fields field of the Items object, use backup data from the <App Name>Items object.

Object Peculiarities


The Fields field stores the array of application items in JSON format. The Fields array structure varies depending on the application type. When importing data to the Items object, you must provide JSON values for this field. Required JSON values vary depending on application types.

The Items object is related to the Applications object. When you query the Items object, Skyvia performs additional API calls to read the Applications object. If there are more than 100 applications, query performance may decrease significantly and exceed Podio API limits.


This read-only object stores the records from the Fields field of the Items object in tabular form for user convenience.


For user convenience, such objects represent the Items object content grouped by a specific application. Such objects support the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. These objects support filtering by the AppItemId, Title, CreatedVia_AuthClientId and ExternalId with the = operator.

We split the complex structured Fields field into separate fields that support INSERT and UPDATE operations. Possible types of these fields are the following.

Podio Type DbType Comment
Text String Standard length is 1000 characters. If the field name equals memo, note_contains _description, comment, notes, address, or ends with url, reason or keywords, the length extends to 4000 characters. If a field name contains content or html the length is 2147483647 characters
Category String Single choice or Multiple choice enum field
Member Array Complex structured field including the following nested fields: Name (String, read-only), About (String, read-only), LastSeenOn (DateTime, read-only), ProfileId (Int64), UserId (Int64, read-only)
Phone Array Complex structured field including the following nested fields: Type (String), Value (String)
Email Array Complex structured field including the following nested fields: Type (String), Value (String)
Link Array Complex structured field including the following nested fields: Description (String, read-only), Url (String, read-only), Title (String, read-only)
Image Array Complex structured field including the following nested fields: Id (Int64, read-only), Name (String, read-only), Description (String, read-only), Size (Int64, read-only), Link (String, read-only), MimeType (String, read-only)
Calculation String Read only
Location String It has two variants: Single-line address and Multi-line address. In the case of Multi-line address, the field contains nested fields: <Name>_City, <Name>_Country, <Name>_Postal_Code, <Name>_State, <Name>_Street_Address, <Name>_Latitude, <Name>_Longitude
Relationship. Multiple references String Field has a complex structure and contains two fields: ItemId (Int64), AppName (String, read-only)
Relationship.Only one reference Int64 Id which refers to an <App Name>Items record
Date DateTime or Date In case of “Show end date” setting is enabled, the field splits into two fields <Name>_Start and <Name>_End
Number Int64 or double Type is Int64 if the “Display whole number” setting is selected. The data type is Double if the “Display whole number” setting is NOT selected
Progress Int16  
Money Decimal In case of “Show end date” setting is enabled, the field splits into two fields <Name>_Currency and <Name>_Value
Duration Int64  


The OrganizationMembers records are only available for Plus and Premium Podio subscriptions. Use filter by OrgId to get data from this object.


Podio API allows querying tasks only with filters by task Id, the related object identifier, like SpaceId, RefData_OrgId, or RefData_AppId, or by a user that created, completed, or is responsible for the task.

To query the tasks not associated with any organization, workspace, or item, use the filter by task Id. Otherwise, such tasks are not displayed in query results.

Incremental Replication and Synchronization

Skyvia supports Incremental Replication for the following Podio objects: Batch, ConversationEvents, Conversations, Files, Integrations, Items, <AppName>_Items, NotificationsLists, Organizations, Spaces, Stream, Tasks, User, Views, TaskComments.

Skyvia supports Synchronization for the following objects: <AppName>_Items, Files, Items, Organizations, Spaces, TaskComments, Tasks.

All the mentioned objects have the CreatedDate field and don’t have the UpdatedDate field. Thus, Skyvia can track only new records and can’t track modified records.

DML Operations Support

Operation Object
INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Applications, AppStore_Shares, Files, Items, <AppName>Items, Spaces, Tasks
INSERT, UPDATE Organizations, Forms
INSERT Conversations, Integrations

Supported Actions

Skyvia supports all the common actions for Podio.