Editing Backup

To edit a backup simply click its name and switch to the Settings tab or point to the backup and click its Settings quick action button.

On the Settings tab, you can select data to back up in the same way as when Creating Backup. Note that by default, only previously selected data source objects are displayed. Click the selected only link to display all objects.

Settings tab

Users on paid Backup susbscriptions, can edit schedule on the Schedule tab. Enable or disable the backup schedule, or adjust schedule settings. See Scheduling Packages for Automatic Execution for more information. Backups cannot be scheduled to run more often than once per day.

Changes that you make to the backup do not affect already backed up data. For example, if you exclude an object from backup, you can still see its data in the snapshots, made before this change.

Metadata Changes

Skyvia does not support automatic metadata changes detection. See Metadata cache for more information. In order to detect these metadata changes, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Clear the connection metadata cache.
  2. Edit your backup and perform the following actions:
    1. For each backed up object, whose metadata were changed, click the 🖉 button and click the Refresh button in the task editor (bottom left corner). This removes the information about fields that were deleted in the data source from the backup.
    2. Select checkboxes for fields, added in the data source, in the task editor.
    3. By default, when editing a backup, Skyvia displays only previously selected objects. If you want to add a new object to backup, click the selected only link.
    4. Select checkboxes for all the objects you want to add to the backup.

Editing Backup and Snapshots Comparison

Note that modifying a backup also affects snapshot comparison. If you selected or unselected fields of an object, newer snapshots of this object after this change cannot be compared with older ones, made prior to the changes. For this object no changed records will be displayed. However, for other objects, which weren’t edited in the backup, data changes will be displayed correctly.

If you add, delete, or modify filters for an object, and next snapshot after this change contains a different set of records than the ones before the change, Skyvia Backup does not check whether these differences are caused by filter settings modification or by actual data changes. It will simply display all these changes when comparing snapshots.