Connections in Skyvia are used for connecting to various data sources and working with their data. Skyvia provides connectors to various data sources that you can select in order to create connections.

Select Connector page

Connectors are divided into the following categories:

  • All displays all the available connection types.
  • Accounting displays supported cloud accounting applications.
  • Ads & Conversions displays supported cloud advertising applications.
  • Communication displays supported cloud communication applications.
  • CRM displays supported cloud CRMs.
  • Database displays supported relational databases and cloud data warehouses.
  • Developer Tools displays supported applications that help managing the software development process.
  • Documents displays supported cloud apps for document management.
  • E-commerce displays supported cloud e-commerce applications.
  • Email Marketing displays supported cloud email marketing applications.
  • Forms & Surveys displays supported cloud customer experience and survey applications.
  • Help Desk displays cloud customer support applications.
  • Human Resources displays supported cloud apps that help companies hire and onboard talents.
  • Marketing Automation displays supported cloud apps for marketing automation.
  • Misc displays backup connections, OData connections, REST connections as well as some other connections that don’t fit other categories.
  • Payment Processing displays supported cloud payment processing applications.
  • Product Management displays supported product management applications.
  • Project Management displays supported project management applications.
  • Scheduling & Booking displays supported cloud scheduling and booking applications.
  • Storage displays supported cloud file storage services.
  • Task Management displays supported cloud task list and task management apps.
  • Time Tracking displays supported cloud time tracking applications.

To find an information about connections in general, please read the Connections section. For the information on how to create a connection using a specific connector, its features and limitations please select a connector from the list below:

Cloud Apps:


Ads & Conversion:



Developer Tools:



Email Marketing:

Forms & Surveys:

Help Desk:

Human Resources:

Marketing Automation:


Payment Processing:

Product Management:

Project Management:

Scheduling & Booking:

Task Management:

Time Tracking:

Databases and Cloud Data Warehouses:

File Storages: