Skyvia expressions can include numeric, string, and boolean literals.

Numeric Literals

Integer literals are added simply as a sequence of digits, optionally prefixed with a sign. By default, they are considered int4 values, if they fit int4 limits. You can optionally add l suffix to a literal to explicitly specify that it should be treated as an int8 value.

As for the floating point numbers, you can both enter them as a set of digits with a decimal point, optionally prefixed by sign. You can use the scientific notation, adding the e suffix, followed by an exponent. You can also add the f or l suffix to the end to explicitly specify that the value should be treated as a float4 or float8 value respectively.

The mentioned “e”, “f”, and “l” suffixes can be in any case.

String Literals

String literals must be enclosed in single quotation marks. If you need to use a single quotation mark in a string, double it, like this:

'Single quotation mark: ''.'

This results in the following string:

Single quotation mark: ‘.

Boolean Literals

Use boolean literals true and false, in lower case, without any quoting.