How to Create Backup

You can create backups in the convenient Backup Wizard through a series of well-defined steps. Backup Wizard contains a progress bar, which shows how successful you are in creating your backup.

To create a new Backup, perform the following simple steps:

  1. Click the +NEW button in the top menu and select Backup.
  2. Select a connection or create a new one by clicking +Add new in Backup Wizard.

    Backup General View

  3. Select checkboxes next to the objects you want to backup, and click Next step to proceed further.

    Select Objects

  4. Enable backup run on a certain schedule or schedule backup to run at once.

    Scheduled backup is available for paid subscriptions only. Users on free subscriptions can run backup manually.

    Backup Schedule

  5. Name your backup.

Having made all steps and created a backup, you can start to back up your data by clicking Run at the top right of the page.