March 2014

We present the new domain of Devart Data Loader and the second beta of Skyvia.

New Domain

Devart announces that the release version of Devart Data Loader is now available on another domain: The old link redirects there.

Devart Data Loader is also now renamed to Skyvia. The new name will not produce any changes concerning development and support on the product or any other policy.

Skyvia Beta 2

We are glad to present the second beta of Skyvia — our online service for cloud data integration.

Skyvia Beta 2 is more than just a Salesforce data loader service. In addition to Salesforce import and export operations it supports Salesforce data replication - replicating your cloud CRM data to a relational database and keeping it in sync with the CRM.

Salesforce Data Export

In Skyvia Beta 2 you can create Export packages that export data from Salesforce to CSV files. You can export data from any Salesforce object including the custom ones, export data from several related objects, use powerful data filtering. You can apply multiple filters and create complex filtering conditions, order exported data, etc.

Salesforce Data Replication

Skyvia Beta 2 allows you to create replication packages that replicate Salesforce data to a relational database (SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL). With Skyvia you can create a copy of your Salesforce CRM data, including creation of the corresponding database tables, and keep this copy up-to-date automatically.

Scheduling Packages

Now you can schedule execution of Skyvia packages. Skyvia Beta 2 provides you powerful scheduling settings which allow you to specify any kind of schedule. For example, you may run your package every 10 minutes during a specified interval on Mondays and Tuesdays, or run your package every third Wednesday of a month.

Other Improvements

Skyvia Beta 2 allows you to load an archive with attachments and import them to Salesforce. Additionally now you can clone Skyvia packages.