Azure File Storage

Skyvia supports both Account Key and SAS Token authorization for Azure File Storage. By default, the connection uses the Account Key authorization, but if you want to provide only limited access to Skyvia, just select the SAS Token authorization.

Connection Editor window

You need to specify the following parameters for Azure File Storage connection:

  • Account Name — Azure storage account name.
  • Authorization Type - Determines authorization to use - Account Key, providing full access to the storage account, or SAS Token, providing limited access.
  • Account Key — your 512-bit storage access key. This parameter is used only for the Account Key authorization.
  • SAS Token — a shared access signature token. It is a part of a signed URL to Azure File Storage resources.
  • Endpoints Protocol — this parameter determines the protocol to use (HTTPS or HTTP).
  • Share Name — name of the Azure Storage share.