Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM is a CRM platform for small and medium size businesses for marketing, sales, and project management automation.

Data integration: Skyvia supports importing data to and from Insightly CRM, exporting Insightly CRM data to CSV files, replicating Insightly CRM data to relational databases, and synchronizing Insightly CRM data with other cloud apps and relational databases.

Backup: Skyvia Backup supports Insightly CRM backup.

Query: Skyvia Query supports Insightly CRM.

Insightly CRM-Specific Features and Limitations

Skyvia works with Insightly CRM data via their API, and is limited by their API limitations. Skyvia has the following limitations for Insightly CRM:

  • Skyvia works with Insightly CRM via their API. There are certain limits on how much Insightly API calls can be performed per day and per second. You can read about these limits in the Insightly CRM documentation (scroll down to the Technical Details -> Rate Limiting / Throttling Requests section). These limitations may cause issues when performing Insightly CRM backup if your Insightly CRM instance contains a lot of data. Such a backup may fail with the Too many requests error. If you experience such an error, you may split your backup into multiple ones, backing up different objects, and schedule them to run at different time or even different days, to avoid exceeding API call limits.
  • Synchronization and Replication with Incremental Updates enabled are not supported for objects without CreatedDate and UpdatedDate fields. Replication with incremental updates requires at least one of the fields. Both fields must be present for synchronization. Thus, only the following objects support Synchronization:

    • ContactNotes
    • Contacts
    • Events
    • Leads
    • LeadNotes
    • Opportunities
    • OpportunityLineItems
    • OpportunityNotes
    • OrganisationNotes
    • Organisations
    • PriceBookEntries
    • PriceBooks
    • Products
    • ProjectMilestones
    • ProjectNotes
    • Projects
    • Quotes
    • QuoteLineItems
    • Tasks
    • Teams
  • Skyvia does not support getting content of file attachments. It allows getting only their metadata. For files linked from Dropbox or other sources, Skyvia does not display them in the *Attachments objects at all.
  • Skyvia supports restoring links from backup only in case when the target link object still exists in Insightly CRM. For example, Skyvia can restore a deleted contact with its links to other objects, like organizations, etc., in case if these organizations were not deleted from Insightly CRM. Since *Links objects use polymorphic relation to the target object, the foreign key to target object is not treated as a relation.
  • Some links cannot be restored at all, for example, links between events and leads, because Insightly CRM API does not return target object information for such links.
  • Skyvia can restore events to the Insightly CRM calendar, but it cannot link them to some of the objects, for example, Leads, if the events were linked to them.
  • Skyvia cannot back up Email body, because Insightly CRM API don’t return the full email body. Emails cannot be restored.
  • Since Insightly CRM API does not allow getting full Emails data with full email texts, Skyvia also does not allow getting them.
  • Not all Insightly CRM objects support all DML operations. For example, Emails supports only the DELETE operation, and does not allow creation of new records and updating existing ones.
  • Insightly CRM API does not allow creating task comments with body of more than 200 characters, including the HTML formatting code. Thus, Skyvia can back up and load large comments from Insightly CRM, but cannot restore and load large comments to Insightly CRM because of their API limitation.

Insightly CRM Connections

To connect to Insightly CRM, you need to specify the API Key.

Connection Editor window

You need to specify the following parameters for an Insightly CRM connection:

  • API Key — an automatically generated API key that is used for connecting to Insightly CRM. Your API Key can be found in your Insightly CRM Integrations list:
    • Click the profile icon in Insightly and then click User Settings.

      Insightly User Menu

    • In the API KEY section of the User Settings page, copy your API Key and paste it to the connection editor.

Check Insightly documentation for more information.

Supported Actions and Actions Specifics

Insightly CRM connector supports the following actions: