SugarCRM is a cloud CRM from the SugarCRM software company that includes sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, reporting and other features. Skyvia supports importing data to and from SugarCRM, exporting SugarCRM data to CSV files, replicating SugarCRM data to relational databases, and synchronizing SugarCRM data with other cloud CRMs and relational databases.

Skyvia supports SugarCRM 7.0 or higher. Skyvia does not support SugarCRM Community edition.

SugarCRM-Specific Features and Limitations

Skyvia has the following limitations for SugarCRM:

  • Attachments are not supported.
  • Exporting fields of the related entities or using them for filtering or ordering is not supported.
  • Many-to-many associations are not supported.
  • Some fields cannot be used in filters.
  • Some entities are not available when you connect via SugarCRM account without administrative privileges.
  • Filter conditions does not contain and does not start with are not supported.

SugarCRM Connections

To connect to SugarCRM, you need to specify the url to connect to and user name and password to log in with.

Connection Editor window

You need to specify the following parameters for SugarCRM connection:

  • URL — url to connect to.
  • Username — user name to log in with.
  • Password — password to log in with.
  • Platform — SugarCRM platform to specify when connecting to SugarCRM. This parameter is optional. You can read more about SugarCRM platforms here.
  • Metadata Cache — this parameter determines for how long the cached metadata for the connection are considered valid. By default, Skyvia caches metadata of available objects in cloud sources. Whenever necessary, you can reset metadata cache for a connection manually in the Connection Editor by clicking the Clear now link. The following values are available for this parameter:

    • Disabled — metadata cache is not created; metadata are queried automatically whenever required.
    • One Hour — metadata cache expires one hour after the last refresh.
    • One Day — metadata cache expires one day after the last refresh.
    • One Week — metadata cache expires one week after the last refresh.
    • One Month — metadata cache expires one month after the last refresh.
    • Infinite — cache never expires/resets automatically. Default value.

Skyvia uses secure HTTPS protocol to connect to SugarCRM service. If you need to connect to an unsecure SugarCRM server, using a self-signed or some other untrusted certificate, you can use Advanced Settings option. Click Advanced Settings, select the Allow Untrusted Certificate and Allow Certificate Name Mismatch checkboxes if necessary. There you also may configure Skyvia’s behavior for working with SugarCRM email-related fields.

Use Email Relationship determines how Skyvia works with SugarCRM email-related fields. This checkbox is not selected by default. If you do not select it, Skyvia will work with SugarCRM emails via the email1, email_addresses_non_primary, invalid_email, email_opt_out, and email_and_name1 fields. If you select this checkbox, Skyvia will work with SugarCRM via a single email field, storing a JSON array with emails and all their settings. Here is an example of a valid value for such field:

    "email_address": "[email protected]"
    "primary_address": true
    "email_address": "[email protected]"
    "primary_address": false,
    "reply_to_address": true,
    "invalid_email": false,
    "opt_out": true

Note that SugarCRM Developers consider the old approach with using email1 and other email-related fields out-of-date, deprecated, and subject to removal in upcoming Sugar releases. We keep the ability to use it for compatibility purposes, but recommend using the new approach. Read more about this in SugarCRM developer blog.

Allow Untrusted Certificate allows connecting to SugarCRM servers that use untrusted certificates.

Allow Certificate Name Mismatch allows connecting to SugarCRM servers that use certificates issued for other domain than the server’s.

Supported Actions and Actions Specifics

SugarCRM connector supports the following actions: