Action is an operation performed in order to obtain or store data in a data source. Each connector has a list of available actions, which can be used in different Skyvia components.

You can find the information about supported actions and if an action is different for a connector in the Connectors documentation. However, most actions are common for most cloud app and database connectors. See the list of Common Actions for more information.

Actions themselves are also connector-specific, which means even settings for the same action may differ for various connectors. However, if we perform the same actions for the same connector, they are configured in the same way regardless of where they are used.

Action Settings and Parameters

Most actions have two sets of options. One is usually the same for the same action, and another depends on the data source metadata and on how you configure the first set. We call the first set of options — action settings, and the second one — action parameters.

For example, in the Insert action settings we specify the target table to insert records to, and the list of autogenerated columns to obtain the generated values for inserted records. After we specify the target table, the list of action parameters corresponds to the target table columns.

The list of parameters updates usually automatically while you edit other action settings. You can also manually add or delete parameters to the list.

Parameter Mapping

Action parameters must be mapped in order to determine what data an action must query or store. What you can map to action parameters depends on where the action is used.

  • For actions in Source component of a data flow, you can map action parameters to the data flow variables or data flow parameters.
  • For actions in Lookup or Target component of a data flow, you may use data flow variables and input columns for mapping.
  • For actions in control flow components, you can map action parameters to the control flow variables or control flow parameters

You can edit parameter mapping by clicking the Edit button near Parameters. It opens Mapping Editor, where you can add or delete parameters, rename them, and map them using Skyvia expressions.

Common Actions

Many actions are common for most of the cloud apps and databases. Here is the list of such common actions: