Import Overview

Skyvia Import is a flexible tool for data migration between different platforms. It allows loading data from CSV files, cloud apps or relational databases to other cloud apps or relational databases. With Skyvia you can easily configure data migration even between platforms with a different data structure.

Skyvia Import supports all DML operations (including UPSERT) and can be used to perform massive data updates. For more information, check also Performing UPDATE and DELETE.

In the system, each import package can contain one or more import tasks and, thus, import data from one or more source files, tables or objects to other ones as a single import operation.

Skyvia also allows loading data from a single file, database table, or cloud object to several related cloud objects or database tables (one-to-many). Skyvia builds the corresponding relations between the imported objects or records automatically (check tutorial).

Import Tutorials

Skyvia provides the following tutorials on data import: