January 2018

Google Sheets Add-on

This month, we proud to release Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on — a tool for querying cloud and database data to Google Sheets.

The add-on allows you to use visual Query Builder or SQL to query data from a wide variety of data sources to Google Sheets and works directly from the Google Sheets interface. Thus, you can quickly get the required data for your reports to a Google Sheets workbook and then share your data via secure Google Docs sharing mechanism.

Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on works via Skyvia Query. It uses your data source connections, created on the Skyvia platform, uses the Query Gallery to store your saved queries and shares pricing plans and limitations with Skyvia Query.

Connect Pricing

We have also released the latest version of Skyvia — universal cloud platform for data integration, backup, management, and Access. The Connect OData cloud server is now out of the Beta status and becomes commercial.

There is a free pricing plan available, which allows you to create one OData endpoint for cloud data only and test it within the limit of 100 KB of traffic per month. Better pricing plans allow you unlimited number of endpoints for cloud and database data, much more traffic, endpoint access with user authentication and specifying IP addresses and ranges, for which the access to endpoint is allowed/denied.

You can see the details of our pricing on our Pricing page.

For all current Skyvia Connect users, who already have OData endpoints created, we provide a two-week trial period with no limitations that will last up to January 18, 2018, so you have time to choose a pricing plan that suits most for your needs. After January 18, 2018, all the pricing plans limitations will be applied to our existing Connect users too.