Execute Command Action

This action executes an SQL command against the data source. It can be used to both query and modify data.


Setting Description
SQL Statement The SQL statement to execute against the connector. The Query Editor can be used to compose SQL Statement.


Action parameters are just SQL parameters that you use in your command.


Data, returned by the specified SQL Statement.


Here is an example of Execute Command action in an import package. It shows how you can use the result of an SQL query as a source in import. It executes a complex SQL SELECT statement to import a report from BigCommerce to Google Sheets.

Execute Command action in import task

Here is another example of using Execute Command action in the Target component of Data Flow. This example shows how you can use stored procedures in data flows via the Execute Command action. Here the Data Flow imports Salesforce contacts to Reply and immediately pushes them to a campaign using the corresponding Reply stored procedure.

Execute Command action in Target component of Data Flow