Insert Action

This action writes new records to the data source.

Action Settings

Setting Description
Table The target table to insert records to.
Returning The fields to query for the inserted records from the target. It is often useful to query back certain fields that are autogenerated in the target data source when a record is inserted. For example, you may need to know the autogenerated values of the inserted record primary key or Id, or an exact record creation timestamp.

Action Parameters

Insert action parameters correspond to the target table fields that allow inserting data. You must map at least the parameters corresponding to the required target table fields.


The action inserts a record to the specified table in the connector. It returns the values of fields, listed in the Returning setting.


Here is an example of the Insert action in the Target component of Data Flow. This example shows the Insert action that inserts Accounts and gets the Ids of the inserted records.

Insert action in data flow