Trigger is the starting point of every automation. The automation can be run manually, based on the schedule or the event. There is a trigger type for each case.

Connection and Webhook triggers are not available in the early beta. You will be able to use event-based triggers in the upcoming releases.

Trigger Types

Skyvia provides Manual, Connection, Run on Schedule, and Webhook trigger types. Choose one of them to define what type of event triggers the automation.


Choose Manual to start automation on demand by pressing Run on the automation management pane.


Run on Schedule

Сhoose Run on Schedule to set a schedule for the automation runs or create a delayed run.


Schedule Settings

Setting Description
Recurrence Includes two options: One-Time and Recurring, to either set a delayed start or create a schedule
Run Every Defines the frequency of the automation runs.
Time Defines the time of the day to run the automation.
Starting Defines the starting date of the schedule.
Time Zone Required Parameter. Defines the time zone to line up with a schedule.