Target is a component that stores input records in a data source. It can also write data to logs.

To configure Target, select a connection to load data to, select and configure the action to perform in order to store the input data and map its parameters if needed. You can also give Name to the component displayed on the diagram.

If batch data loading is supported for a connector used in the selected connection, the Target component loads data in batches into the data source by default. You may change this behavior by setting the Single Row parameter to True.

Target component has one input. It also has one regular output, and records, successfully loaded to the data source, are directed to this regular output. For some connectors, actions of the Target component also may obtain values of columns autogenerated in the data source, for example autogenerated IDs, and add the corresponding columns to the scope of the regular output.

Target component also has an error output, and records, failed to be loaded to the data source, are directed to this error output. Target component adds a column with the error message to the scope of this output.