Monitoring Backup Activity

You can monitor all the activity of your backup on its Activities tab. Here you can see a timeline with all snapshots and restore operations, performed by this backup, and some of the operation details.

Backup log

You can select any period to display activity for. You can also click any of the displayed records to see its details.

Period for Which Activity Is Displayed

By default, the Snapshots tab displays activity of this backup since its creation — just scroll the timeline down to see older records. Whenever necessary, you can select one of the predefined periods or a custom period in the list above the snapshots. If you select Custom range, you can specify any period you want. You can either enter start and end dates manually in the box or click the start date and then the end date in the calendar.

To specify a period of several months, navigate to the start date of the period you want to select by using the arrows at the top of the calendar to scroll through the months and click it. Then, in the same way, navigate to the end date of the necessary period and click the end date.

Displayed Information

Currently Skyvia displays snapshot and restore operations in the backup log as tiny circles on the timeline. The operation date and time is displayed to the left of the timeline, and numbers of records are displayed to the right.

Color of the circle on the timeline indicates the status of the operation. Successful operations are displayed as green circles, and failed operation are displayed as red circles. If an operation is currently running, the circle has orange color, and an orange dot is displayed to the left of the Activities tab in the tab bar. Operations, canceled by the user, are displayed as the grey circle.

You can click any operation in the timeline to see its additional details.

Information about Snapshots

For the snapshot operations, Skyvia displays the number of backed up records, the number of records, modified since the previous snapshot, and the number of errors, if any. If you click it, Skyvia additionally displays the snapshot start and end time and the number of backed up records per object on the Details pane. The Details pane also displays error messages, if any. For more information see Troubleshooting.

Snapshot details

You can also click the View Snapshot button on this pane in order to open the snapshot details on the Snapshots tab of the backup. There you can view, export, and manage backed up data of this and other snapshots.

Information about Restore Operations

For restore operations, Skyvia displays the numbers of successfully restored and failed records, if any. If you click it, Skyvia additionally displays the snapshot start and end time and the numbers of records, inserted, updated, and deleted in the data source for each object. It also displays the number of failed records per object. If there are any, the number of failed records is a link, which downloads a per-record error log in a CSV format. You can download and study it to determine why each record failed to restore. For more information see Troubleshooting.

Restore details