Skyvia offers a number of predefined integration packages and public queries that can either be used for popular use cases as is or serve as examples for users for designing their own packages and queries. These packages and queries can be accessed via Gallery.

The predefined integration packages help you automate the most common cloud application integration tasks, such as creating Mailchimp subscribers from Salesforce contacts or leads and vice versa, creating Mailchimp subscribers from Shopify customers, adding new Marketo leads as Salesforce contacts, etc. Predefined queries also demonstrate popular use cases and SQL structures or Query Builder features, like updating Salesforce data or querying the sizes of SQL Server tables.

To use a query or package from the Gallery, simply click the Gallery link in the New menu.


Here you can use the Packages or Queries tab to view only packages or queries respectively, use the Type to search box to search by name, or Filters list to filter objects by connector.


You may point any package or query and click View Info to read their description. Click Use to use the corresponding template of package or query. Then simply select connection(s) for it, and you can run it immediately or edit it to make it more suitable for your use case.

Please note that by default Gallery includes predefined integration packages, which use old runtime, i.e. the Use new runtime checkbox is not selected in the package settings. Packages, using old runtime, use SSIS expression syntax.

Please consider expression syntax differences when switching a predefined package that uses expression mapping from old to new runtime. You can find more information about main syntax differences between old and new runtimes here.