Outreach is a cloud sales engagement solution that helps sales teams to enhance sales performance and optimize sales processes.

Data integration: Skyvia supports importing data to and from Outreach, exporting Outreach data to CSV files, replicating Outreach data to relational databases, and synchronizing Outreach data with other cloud apps and relational databases.

Backup: Skyvia Backup does not support Outreach.

Query: Skyvia Query supports Outreach.

Establishing Connection

To create a connection to Outreach, you need to log in to Outreach with your credentials using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Creating Connection

To connect to Outreach, perform the following steps:

  1. In the connection editor, click Sign in with Outreach

    Sign in

  2. Enter your Email.

    Sign in

  3. Enter your Password

    Sign in

Connector Specifics

Object Peculiarities

Records with Empty Name values

Outreach objects may contain records with empty Name values. These records are not returned in the query results by default. To get them, apply a filter by Id to your query.  To get such records from the Accounts object, you can use either a filter by Id or by Named = ‘false’.

Replication can not build the foreign key relations for the records with empty name values. If you enable the Create Foreign Keys option in your Replication, it will return errors for these records.

Object Relationships

There are three types of relationships between Outreach objects:


One-to-many relationships are represented by read-only array fields.

Link relationships are stored in the string read-only fields containing the link to the related record.


Skyvia represents One-to-one relationships by two fields with -Id and -Type suffixes in their names. For example, the relationship of the Accounts object with the Users object is stored in the CreatorId and CreatorType fields. Such relationships support import. You must map both -Id and -Type fields to import the relation successfully.

Custom Fields

Objects Opportunities, Accounts, Prospects contain 150 predefined custom fields with standard naming, like Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, etc.

The Users object contains five predefined custom fields.

Custom fields support insert and update operations.

DML Operations Support

Operation Object
INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Accounts, CallDispositions, CallPurposes, ContentCategories, EmailAddresses, Mailboxes, Opportunities, OpportunityStages, Personas, PhoneNumbers, Profiles, Prospects, Recipients, Roles, Rulesets, Sequences, SequenceTemplates, Snippets, Stages, Tasks, Teams, Templates
INSERT, DELETE Calls, ContentCategoryMemberships, ContentCategoryOwnerships, Favorites, SequenceStates
INSERT Events, Mailings

Incremental Replication and Synchronization

Skyvia supports Replication with Incremental Updates for all Outreach objects.

Skyvia supports Synchronization for all the Outreach objects except Audits, Calls, ContentCategoryMemberships, ContentCategoryOwnerships, Events, Favorites, Mailings, SequenceSteps, SequenceStates, and TaskPriorities.

Supported Actions

Skyvia supports all the common actions for Outreach.