July 2020

Simple, Effective and Fast: Skyvia Query Excel Add-In Released

Our team is proud to announce the release of Skyvia Query Excel Add-in – a fast and effective web tool for querying cloud and database data to Excel.

You can easily find Skyvia Query Add-in in Office Store and add it to your Excel worksheets. Skyvia Query Add-in is intended for those our clients who use Excel 2016 or newer for Windows, Mac, or Excel Online.

The add-in allows you to reliably handle large datasets, quickly and easily query data from a wide variety of data sources to the Excel spreadsheets. You can also update the data from source to Excel at any time in just a couple of clicks.

With Skyvia Query Excel Add-in, you can automate boring manual work and save time. Moreover, no coding knowledge is required. The add-in queries data using SQL SELECT statements. However, you don’t need to know SQL as you can simply configure query visually, using our Query Builder tool, i.e. configure data aggregation, add extra functions, filter data or configure filter groups, sort data, add extra columns, and many more.

Excel Add-in

But, in case you are familiar with SQL, you may simply enter the needed SQL statement. What is also important is that you can query data using SQL from both — databases and cloud sources.

Please note that Skyvia Query Excel Add-in works via Skyvia Query, which uses your data source connections, created on the Skyvia platform, uses the Query Gallery to store your saved queries and shares pricing plans and limitations with Skyvia Query.