Conditional Split

Conditional Split is a component that splits records into different outputs depending on the specified conditions.

To configure Conditional Split, you need to create one or more conditional outputs. You can also give Name to the component displayed on the diagram.

To create a conditional output, click Plus button next to the Conditional Outputs header and then specify the output name and condition.

For the condition, you need to enter an expression, using our expression syntax. We recommend to use Expression Editor when you deal with complex condition logic.

Editing expression for conditional output

Note that the expression must evaluate to a boolean value. If it returns a value of another type, the record is sent to an error output.

The conditions are fulfilled for each record in the same order as the corresponding outputs are listed in the list of Conditional Outputs. A record is sent to the first output, condition of which evaluates to True, and processing of this record stops. This record is not checked anymore for compliance with other conditions in the next conditional outputs, and it doesn’t go to next outputs even if their conditions would be True for this record as well.

If the record does not match any of the conditions specified in the conditional outputs, it goes to the Default output, which is always available for a Conditional Split component.

In addition to regular outputs, the Conditional Split component has an error output. It sends rows to this output in two cases: when an expression evaluation fails with an error, and when expression returns a result of type other than bool.

When you connect a regular output of the Conditional Split component to the input of another component, you will be asked to select the output name in order to determine the output to connect to.

Selecting conditional split output