Working with Backups

Managing Backups

As well as the other Skyvia objects, backups are available in the object list, and you can manage them as well as other Skyvia objects. You can organize them into folders, edit or delete them, filter by name or data source, etc.


You can create a new backup from the New menu, following a simple instruction.

Backup Details Page

When you open a backup, a backup details page opens. It consists of a title bar and four tabs. If you need to create a snapshot manually, click the ▷ Run button on the title bar.

By using the 🗑 button, you can delete your backup package with all its snapshots to the Trash bin. Deleted backups with their snapshots will be stored in the Trash for two weeks, and you can restore them during this time. After two weeks, they are deleted completely. Whenever necessary, you can delete objects from the Trash. In this case, they are deleted completely, and are unrecoverable.

Backup Details page

Overview Tab

This tab displays general information about the backup:

  • Backup connection, which you can open from this tab immediately.
  • The number of snapshots and how much space they take and how much space all your backups take together.
  • The last snapshot details — when it was started and finished, how many records it contains, how many records were modified since the previous snapshot, and the number of errors, if any.
  • The date and time when the next snapshot will be made.

On this tab, you can also manage your storage space and delete old snapshots.

Settings Tab

This tab allows you to edit this backup — set up what data from the connection should be backed up.

Schedule Tab

You can configure the backup schedule on this tab.

Scheduled backup is available for paid subscriptions only. Users on free subscriptions can run backup manually.

Snapshots Tab

This tab contains the list of all the snapshots made by this backup. It allows you to work with backed up datarestore it to the data source or export to CSV.

Activities Tab

This tab displays the list of all operations, performed with this backup and their details. Here you can view all the backup activity.