Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads is a tool for advertising on the Bing search network and its partner networks (Yahoo and AOL).

Data integration: Skyvia supports importing data to and from Microsoft Ads, exporting Microsoft Ads data to CSV files, replicating Microsoft Ads data to relational databases, and synchronizing Microsoft Ads data with other cloud apps and relational databases.

Backup: Skyvia Backup does not support Microsoft Ads.

Query: Skyvia Query supports Microsoft Ads.

Establishing Connection

To create a connection to Microsoft Ads, sign in with Microsoft Ads account using your credentials and specify the customer and account.

Creating Connection

To connect to Microsoft Ads, perform the following steps:

Microsoft Ads connections

  1. Click Sign In with Microsoft in the Connection Editor. Enter your Microsoft Ads credentials.
  2. Click Accept, to grant Skyvia the requested permissions.


  3. Select the Customer from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the Account from the dropdown list.

Connector Specifics

Object Peculiarities

Ads and Audiences

The Ads and Audiences objects store records of different types. When you import data to these objects, you must map the Type field. The mapped Type value determines the set of the required fields for mapping. The required fields differ for different record types. If you map a field unnecessary for the specified type, it is ignored. If you leave a required field unmapped, you get an error.


The metrics are grouped by day in the objects with the *DailyReport suffix in the names and contain the Date field.

In the objects with the *MonthlyReport suffix in the names, the metrics are grouped by month and contain the Date field, corresponding to the month’s first day.

Report objects without suffixes in the names contain metrics for the entire selected period (Summary) between the specified StartDate and EndDate(or default values).

Attributes and Metrics

In MicrosoftAds, report fields can be either attributes (Attribute Columns) or metrics (Performance Statistics Columns). When selecting data from the reports, the results are aggregated by the selected fields (other attributes and metrics than date).

Start Dates and End Dates

The default StartDate for all *Reports objects is 2006-01-01. The default EndDate value equals the current date. You can set filters by these fields to modify the report period.

If the StartDate value in the filter(except the >= operator) differs from the first day of the month for the monthly report, it is automatically changed to the first day of the next month.

Report fields in Microsoft Ads can act as attributes (Attribute Columns) or metrics(Performance Statistics Columns). The set of the fields selected from the *Report objects determines the data aggregation in the result. If you add the attribute field to the selection when querying, the data will be aggregated by this field.

Some Microsoft Ads objects are related to each other by the aggregation relation. To get data from one object, Skyvia has to read all the records from its parent object first. This process is time and API calls consuming. You can use filters to speed up the reading time and optimize the API call usage. Such objects and filters are the following:

  • The AdGroups object is related to the Campaigns object. Set filters by the AdGroups Id and CampaignId fields when performing the Update and Delete operations.

  • The Ads object is related to the AdGroups object. Use filters by AdGroupId and Type when performing Update. To optimize the Delete operation, use filters by the Id and AdGroupId.

  • The Keywords object is related to the AdGroups object. Use filters by the Keywords Id and AdGroupId fields when performing Update and Delete operations.

Incremental Replication and Synchronization

The *DailyReport and *MonthlyReport objects store dates without the time part. When performing replication with Incremental Updates, Skyvia only tracks updates up to the last day/month. Skyvia doesn’t track the updates made on the current date/current month.

Skyvia supports Synchronization for the Accounts, AdGroups, Ads, Audiences, Budgets, Campaigns, Keywords objects.

DML Operations Support

Operation Object
INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE AdGroups, Ads, Audiences, Budgets, Campaigns, Keywords

Supported Actions

Skyvia supports all the common actions for Microsoft Ads.