November 2020

New Connectors

Skyvia team is glad to announce support for Google Analytics and Zoho Desk connectors. With these connectors you can now work with data of cloud help desk software from ZOHO corporation and well-known free web analytics service from Google.

Zoho Desk Support

Zoho Desk is a cloud help desk software for managing customer conversations across multiple channels, such as email, chat, phone, and social media. Now you can easily integrate your Zoho Desk data with other cloud apps, such as Salesforce or Dynamics CRM, replicate its data to relational databases, query it with SQL, or share via OData protocol.

Please note that in Data Integration packages, Zoho Desk is supported only in the new runtime. When creating a package, select its Use new runtime checkbox if you want to be able to use Zoho Desk connections in it. Additionally, Zoho Desk is not supported in Skyvia Backup.

Google Analytics Support

Connector Peculiarities

Google Analytics connector works differently from other connectors in our products. Its peculiarities are caused by the way how Google Analytics API work.

While other connectors represent data as a set of objects with a number of records in each, Google Analytics connector presents its data as a single table, named CompleteAnalytics. Google Analytics metrics and dimensions are available as columns of this table. You select dimensions and metrics that you need, and Google Analytics connector returns the corresponding report data. Besides, Google Analytics data is read-only. You cannot modify it, or load data into it.

Google Analytics Support in Skyvia Products

Skyvia supports loading Google Analytics data to other cloud applications and databases. You can also export Google Analytics reports since Google Analytics data is read-only, you cannot use it for two-way synchronization or as a target for importing data. As well as Zoho Desk, this connector is available only in the the new runtime.

Skyvia Connect and Query support Google Analytics, so you can make Google Analytics data available via OData and SQL endpoints and query them from the browser. With Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on and Excel Add-in, you can easily get Google Analytics reports in Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets, and update data in them in just a couple of clicks!

Backup of Google Analytics data is not supported.