December 2022

New Features

Nested Types in Data Flow

Working with nested types in Data Flow

We added nested types support, new Data Flow components, and extended component settings. Now you can easily transform, rebuild, and map your nested objects and arrays. Visit our docs for more details and use case scenarios.

Usage Summary

From now on, you can see the statistics on records used by Data Integration packages. With Usage Summary, you can find out how many records your workspaces and packages consume for a specific period.

Note that the usage data is available from the 6th of September 2022.

HubSpot Pipelines API

Skyvia now supports HubSpot pipelines API V3. We added four new objects to our HubSpot connector: DealPipelines, DealPipelineStages, TicketPipelines, TicketPipelineStages. All these objects support INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE actions.

New Connectors

FullStory — a web-based digital intelligence system that enables users to track each customer activity and use this data afterwards to optimize the customer experience.

MailerLite — user-friendly email marketing and website building tool.

TikTok Ads — a tool for TikTok business users designed for targeting, ad creation, insight reports, and ad management.

NetSuite v2 (REST) — the new connector for NetSuite, a unified cloud business management solution, including ERP/financials, CRM, and e-commerce. This connector works via NetSuite REST API (unlike the previous one that uses SOAP API). It provides support for NetSuite fields storing array data but does not support backup.

ConvertKit — a hub for audience growth, marketing automation, and digital products selling.

Jibble — a time tracking and attendance app that helps companies stay on top of their teams’ activities.