April 2024

Trigger Conditions in Automation

We added a Trigger condition setting to connection triggers in Automation. Now you can create an expression to filter and validate your events before the automation execution. Check the Triggers documentation for more details.

Retrospective Updates for Incremental Replication

We added attribution window parameter to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, X Ads, TikTok Ads and Microsoft Ads connectors. Now, when you run an incremental replication, it will take into account a retrospectively updated reporting data.

New Connectors

Excel Online — a cloud version of a robust spreadsheet editor for various tasks, from simple data entry and basic calculations to complex financial modeling and statistical analysis.

Motion — a cloud productivity platform, using AI for planning and time management.

Connector Updates


The Contacts object now supports the INSERT operation in integrations. Now you can insert records using procedures and integrations. We also supported the Contacts custom fields.

More details are available in GetResponse topic.


You can now map the Items field in the Orders object using the Nested Objects option in Import integrations. You can also replicate them into separate tables with our new replication runtime.

We simplified the Items field data structure for more convenient mapping. This update impacts the Items field existing integrations.

We supported native ShipStation filters in our connector. Use them to improve performance and save API calls.

More details are available in the ShipStation topic.


We updated our Shopify connector to API version 2024-01.


You can now select data from the *_Rows objects fields containing data of different types without errors. The Typed Sheet Cells connection parameter allows you to set Skyvia behavior when querying such fields. More information is available in Smartsheet topic.


The GiftCardActivities object is now available for using in integrations and automations. This object supports the INSERT operation. Find more details in Square topic.


The IdBoard field in the CardMembers object was deprecated.

We also updated the BoardMembers object. Skyvia performs additional extended requests for part of its fields. Find more deatils in the Trello topic.

Zoho Inventory

We added new PurchaseReceives, PurchaseReceivesLineItems, ShipmentOrders, and ShipmentOrdersLineItems objects to our Zoho Inventory connector. You can add, modify and delete records in the PurchaseReceives and ShipmentOrders objects. The PurchaseReceivesLineItems and ShipmentOrdersLineItems objects are read-only.

More details are available in Zoho Inventory topic.