June 2023

New Features

Source Values in the Import’s Error Log

Now you can select what data will appear in the Import’s error log. Choose between initial data from source and processed values that you load to target. For more details, visit Import topic.

New Connectors


Monday.com — a collaboration platform that helps businesses to manage tasks, projects, and workflows to streamline communication, enhance productivity, and track progress.

Connector Updates


We added Bulk API v2 support to improve the user experience while performing integration monitoring inside the Salesforce app. Now you can choose which version of Bulk API to use in the advanced settings of the Salesforce connection.

Pipeliner CRM

Skyvia now supports custom fields in the following Pipeliner CRM objects: Account, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks, Appointments, Products, Projects.


Now you can select all data from the Square Orders object including nested objects: LineItems, Fulfillments, Discounts, Taxes, ServiceCharges.


Skyvia now supports loading data into the Customer.io Customers object. Note that Skyvia uses Customer.io Tracking API for working with Customer.io, and thus, it now requires Tracking Site ID and Tracking API Key for connecting.