August 2023

New Connectors

FormCrafts — online tool for building forms.

Zammad — a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system.

AlloyDB — a PostgreSQL-compatible high-performance database service from Google Cloud.

Segment — a customer data platform (CDP). — a comprehenisve agency management platform.

Connector Updates

Zoho CRM

Skyvia now offers full support for Zoho CRM Attachments and photos. We have supported Importing Binary Data for the Photo field of the Contacts, Leads objects and the Content field of the attachments objects: LeadAttachments, AccountAttachments, CampaignAttachments, CaseAttachments, ContactAttachments, DealAttachments, MeetingAttachments, InvoiceAttachments, PriceBookAttachments, ProductAttachments, PurchaseOrderAttachments, QuoteAttachments, SalesOrderAttachments, SolutionAttachments, TaskAttachments, VendorAttachments.

Note that loading data to these fields is supported only for Zoho CRM API v4. To access the fields, you need to make sure your Zoho CRM connection uses API v4 and then clear its metadata cache.


You can now work with the Customers object custom fields (properties). You can insert data into these fields but not update them. The UPDATE operation support is in our roadmap.

You can find more details in Help Scout documentation.


We have significantly optimized work with the Contacts table. Now Skyvia loads data from and to this table much faster.


We have added the RepositoryContents object to our GitHub connector.

You can now insert, update, and delete files using stored procedures. More details are available in the GitHub connector documentation.


New Objects

We have added the FoldersAndSpaces and Projects objects to our Wrike connector. Skyvia supports Incremental Replication for them.


We added a new Type field to the Comments object.

We removed the Start and End fields earlier used for filtering. From now on, you get comments for the last seven days by default, when querying. To get comments for other periods, you can set filter by the PeriodDate field in the following format:


We have added a new Rows object to our Smartsheet connector. You can select data from this object and perform INSERT and DELETE operations. For more details, please refer to Smartsheet documentation.


We have added the SubscriptionsEmail, SubscriptionsEmail_Consent, SubscriptionsEmail_Timestamp, SubscriptionsEmail_Method, SubscriptionsEmail_MethodDetail, SubscriptionsEmail_DoubleOptin, SubscriptionsEmail_Suppressions, SubscriptionsEmail_ListSuppressions, SubscriptionsSMS, SubscriptionsSMS_Consent, SubscriptionsSMS_Timestamp, SubscriptionsSMS_Method, SubscriptionsSMS_MethodDetailfields fields to the Profiles object.

New procedures are now available to suppress and unsuppress profiles. For more details, go to Klaviyo documentation.