July 2023

New Features


Reworked the Automation UI to free up space for the automation flow diagram and ease the access to automation tools and features.

Automation New

Update Schema in Replication

We have added metadata change detection and target schema update functionality to replication. Now you can configure your replication integrations to track metadata changes in source and syncing them to target database schema when using incremental updates.

Update Schema ckeckbox in replication

Note that not all source metadata changes are synced to the target schema. Some changes cannot be applied because of target database limitations, and some can be ignored without any issues with replication.

This feature greatly reduces the need to perform full replication each time metadata is changed in a cloud app. Now you need to perform a full replication again only in case of a limited set of metadata changes that cannot be synced to target databases.

Connector Updates

DEAR Inventory

Skyvia now supports the CRM group objects Leads, Opportunities, Tasks, TaskCategories, Workflows for the DEAR Inventory connector. You can perform the SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE operations with these objects. These objects do not support Incremental Replication and Synchronization.

From now on, you can manipulate the nested data of the Contacts and Addresses fields in the Leads object and the Steps field in the Workflows object. For this, enable the Nested Objects feature in Import integration.


We added two more stored procedures to our Klaviyo connector: CreateEvent and CreateProfileAndEvent. You can find more details on how to use stored procedures in Klaviyo documentation.


We supported BigCommerce Custom Template Associations API. Template associations are now available via the general CustomTemplateAssociations object as well as via specific objects: ProductTemplateAssociations, CategoryTemplateAssociations, BrandTemplateAssociations, PageTemplateAssociations.


We supported HubSpot Engagements API 3. Now the Engagements records are also available per their via the Calls, Communications, Emails, Meetings, Notes, PostalMail, and Tasks objects. Note that the old Tasks object that was available previously, is renamed to EventTasks. We have also added the CallProperties, CommunicationProperties, EmailProperties, MeetingProperties, NoteProperties, PostalMailProperties, and TaskProperties objects that store information about the corresponding object columns. Besides, the Quotes object now supports loading data into it.