May 2023

Query Parameters

From now on, Skyvia allows configuring parameters in Query.

Query parameter is a placeholder for varying values you can use instead of constant values in query filters. You can change query parameter values without modifying the query itself. You can use parameters in the Query Builder, in filters, or in SQL code.


Also query parameters are supported for Execute Query action in Automation, Import, Export integrations, Source components of Data Flow and Control Flow integrations. You can add parameters to your queries and preview a query before running the integration.

Copy and Paste Components in Control Flow and Automation

Now you can copy and paste components by using hotkeys and component management menu in Control Flow and Automation.

Component Management Menu

New Connectors


TMetric — a powerful time management tool that helps companies to increase productivity, monitor team performance, manage projects and tasks.

Connector Updates


SendGrid Contacts object now supports INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. Also Skyvia now supports custom fields for the Contacts object.

Zoho CRM

Subforms are supported for Zoho CRM. You can work with them either as with fields of the corresponding parent objects or as with separate objects. Nested objects feature in import and data flow is also supported for them. Note that you need to select API version Ver4 in Zoho CRM connection settings to work with subforms.


You can now work with HubSpot custom object properties via the corresponding *Properties objects.

Zoho Books

Added nested objects support for Zoho Books connector. Now you can map complex structured fields more easily. Visit ZohoBooks connector page for more details.


Magento store views are supported. You can now select the store view against which the API requests are executed in the connection settings. This parameter is available for Magento 2.x.

Confluence Cloud

Skyvia now supports the API V2 version for the Confluence Cloud connector. More Confluence objects are now available. The Content object is replaced with BlogPosts, Pages and related objects.