March 2024

New CSV Source file modes in Data Flow

We added alternative file modes to the Data Flow CSV Source component. Now you can use masks to work with date in file names and upload the newest files automatically. Also, you can use expressions for a more flexible file name configuration. It allows to build custom file name templates using available functions, variables and parameters. See the CSV Source topic for more details.

Mask File Modes

New Connectors

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is a cloud-based solution for agile teams designed for collaborative project planning.

Connector Updates

Constant Contact

You can now replicate the following Constant Contact objects with Incremental Updates option enabled: EmailBouncesReport, EmailDidNotOpensReport, EmailForwardsReport, EmailOpensReport, EmailOptoutsReport, EmailSendsReport, EmailUniqueOpensReport. See more details in the Constant Contact topic.


Skyvia now supports custom objects in all existing workspaces, which belong to an account.


We added new objects to our GitHub connector: Branches, Gists, OrganizationMembers, PublicGists, UserMemberships, RepositoryPullRequestReviews.

We changed the primary key in the RepositoryPullRequests object to the composite key RepositoryName+Number.

More information is available in the GitHub topic.


We added new fields for filtering in the Orders object. Use them to improve performance of your queries and integrations. More details are available in the ShipStation topic.


Now you can use your sheets in your integrations. Skyvia represents Smartsheet sheets as separate objects with *_Rows suffix in their names. Use these objects in your integrations, conveniently map their columns, replicate and synchronize them.

We also supported new DML operations for existing objects, added new AutomationRules, Dashboards and Webhooks objects and new procedures to the connector. See more details in Smartsheet topic.


Skyvia now supports Zammad custom fields. Custom fields represent custom attributes for the Tickets, Users, Organizations, and Groups objects. Custom fields support the INSERT and UPDATE operations. See the Zammad topic for more details.