February 2023

New Connectors

Pipeliner CRM — an interactive CRM platform for sales and marketing management.

Elasticsearch — a distributed search and analytics engine used for log analytics, full-text search, security intelligence, business analytics, and operational intelligence use cases.

Connector Updates

Klaviyo Updates

Skyvia supported new API version for Klaviyo connector. This allows Skyvia to work with more Klaviyo data: tags, tag groups, catalog items, segments, etc. We also improved support for some other objects, for example, supported incremental replication and synchronization for lists.

Besides, metrics objects changed with the switch to the new API. MetricDataDaily, MetricsDataMonthly, MetricsDataWeekly, MetricValuesDataDaily, MetricValuesDataMonthly, MetricValuesDataWeekly objects have been removed. Instead, the following objects have been added: DailyMetrics, Monthlymetrics, WeeklyMetrics. These objects present the information in a more convenient form for data analysis.