November 2023

New Connectors

HelpDesk — a simple ticketing system for tracking, prioritizing and resolving customer support tickets, developed by LiveChat Software.

Zoho Billing — an invoicing, expense management, project billing, and recurring billing tool from Zoho.

ServiceNow — is an intelligent platform for digital transformation that enables companies to digitize any process across their organization with pre-built and customizable workflow solutions.

Acumatica — is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform helping small and midsize businesses with financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, and distribution management.

Connector Updates


We have added new objects to our AWeber connector, SubscriberActivities, SentBroadcastOpens, and SentBroadcastClicks. These objects are read-only.


New Objects

We have added new objects to our BigCommerce connector: CategoryTrees, Channels, CustomerFormFieldValues, CustomerAddressFormFieldValues, CustomerAttributes, Carts, CartLineItems, CartCustomItems, CartGiftCertificateItems, CartMetafields, SystemLogs, TaxRates, TaxZones, TaxProperties.

The CustomerCustomFields and CustomerAddressCustomFields objects are obsolete. They remain in the connector for compatibility purpose. Instead the latest update we added the CustomerFormFieldValues and CustomerAddressFormFieldValues.

Existing Object Updates

We have added the following new fields to the Customers object: Channels, FormFields, Attributes, and Addresses. Besides, the CustomFields field is removed from the Customers object. It is replaced with the FormFields field. Please note that this is a breaking change, and you may need to modify your existing BigCommerce integrations and backups and manually exclude the CustomFields field from them.

For more details, please see our BigCommerce connector topic.


Todoist API has migrated from version v1 to v2. Due to this, we updated our Todoist connector. You can find detailed information about the updates here.


We have added the Ignore Blank Values for Update checkbox to the Salesforce advanced connection parameters. It determines whether the Update operation ignores blank (null) values and keeps data in the corresponding Salesforce fields or it writes null values to Salesforce.

Google BigQuery

We have supported authentication via service accounts for Google BigQuery. For more details, please see our Google BigQuery connector topic.


Now you can work with the Projects and Services data in FreshBooks. We have supported both reading and writing to these objects.