February 2024

User Invitations

We reworked the user invitation process. Now you can invite users to your account and provide access to specific workspaces at the same time.

User Invites

Also, we added separate tabs for the current and invited users overview, Resend invitation button, and Copy invitation link option for the quick sharing.

Invitations List

Hashing Functions

Skyvia’s expression syntax now includes sha256_encrypt and sha512_encrypt functions. They hash binary or string values using SHA-256 and SHA 512 algorithms respectively, adding a string or binary salt to the value as a suffix. This allows you to anonymize sensitive data fields when loading data to other systems. See the example here.

Usage Summary

Now on the Usage Summary page you can also track the billed traffic statistics for the Connect product.

New Connectors


LionOBytes is a cloud platform providing AI-based customer relationship management (CRM), field service management (FSM), and enterprise resources planning (ERP) solutions for small businesses.


DigitalOcean is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that simplifies cloud computing for developers.

Connector Updates


Skyvia now supports Agent connection for Acumatica. You can now connect to Acumatica servers located in local networks or on users’ computers behind the firewall with Skyvia Agent application. See how to create an agent connection in Acumatica topic.


Skyvia now supports the Incremental Replication for Transactions object.

We supported native ChargeOver filters in our connector.

You can now map nested fields of complex structured objects using the Nested Objects option in Import integrations. You can also replicate them into separate tables with our new replication runtime.

See more details in ChargeOver topic.

Cin7 Core Inventory

We added two new objects to our Cin7 Core Inventory connector: SaleOrderLines and PurchaseOrderLines. These objects are read-only.


You can now use filter by the Assignee field in TimeEntries object. Find more details in the ClickUp topic.


We added the PublicHolidays object to our Float connector. Find more details on this object specifics in the Float connector topic.


Now you are able to create child tickets for existing tickets using a new CreateChildTicket stored procedure. See more details in Freshservice topic.

Skyvia now supports the latest Google Ads API version. We added new AssetGroupProductGroupView, CustomerLifecycleGoals, CampaignLifecycleGoals objects to our Google Ads connector. These objects are read-only. Skyvia supports Incremental Replications for the AssetGroupProductGroupView object.


Skyvia can now parse the complex structured JSON fields. Using the Nested Object feature, you can map them in your import integrations. We also added new stored procedures to our Harvest connector. Now, you can change event types for invoice and estimate messages, as well as restart and stop time entries using Skyvia. See the Harvest connector topic for more details.


Skyvia now supports querying property history in HubSpot. History data is available in the DealsHistory, ContactsHistory, CompaniesHistory, TicketsHistory, and LineItemsHistory objects.


We supported the latest Intercom API version. Skyvia now supports custom fields for Intercom. We added new Tickets, TicketTypes, ActivityLogs, ContactSubscriptions, HelpCenters objects, updated the Conversations object and removed the Sections object. More Intercom objects now support DML operations. We also added stored procedures which help working with messages, conversations and ticket types. See more details in Intercom topic.


You can now connect to Klaviyo via OAuth 2.0 using your Klaviyo credentials. Just select the OAuth 2.0 authentication type in the Connection Editor. More details are available in Klaviyo topic.


You can now perform Incremental Replication for the following ShipStation objects: Customers, Fulfillments, OrderItems, Orders, Products, Shipments, Stores, Warehouses. And synchronize the Orders and Warehouses. More information is available in ShipStation topic.

X Ads

We supported the latest X Ads API version.