October 2023

New Connectors

Sendcloud — a shipping platform that helps e-commerce businesses manage deliveries and provides seamless shipping workflow.

Connector Updates


We have added new stored procedures to allow working with custom objects. From now on you can create or remove custom objects records, and add, modify or remove records associations with customers. For more details, see the Customer.io connector topic.


We have added the Suppress Extended Requests connection parameter to Affinity connection. Use this parameter to enable using the additional web requests to query some special fields from the Persons and Organizations objects. for more details see the Affinity connector topic.


Selecting data from the TrackingStatus object now requires filtering by the Carrier and TrackingNumber fields to query data from it.


We have added the Column-wise chunking checkbox to the HubSpot connection editor. This checkbox enables splitting requests to ContactListContacts, Contacts, and Deals objects into multiple requests with different fields when request URI length exceeds 8000 characters. This allows you to avoid the 414 Request-URI Too Large error.


We have added the CreatedDate and UpdatedDate fields to the Applications object. From now on Skyvia supports Incremental Replication and Synchronization for the Applications object.


Deals and Budgets

The Deals object has been divided into two separate objects Deals and Budgets for correct custom fields processing. Thus, the foreign keys which earlier referred to the Deals object were removed from the Comments, Invoices, Expenses and Activities objects.

Custom Fields

We have added support for Productive.io custom fields. The following Productive.io objects contain custom fields: Bookings, Budgets, Companies, Deals, Expenses, Invoices, People, Projects, Tasks.


Due to the latest Klaviyo API updates, we have updated our Klaviyo connector.

Objects Updates

We added the following objects to the connector: Accounts, EmailCampaignTags, SMSCampaignTags, EmailCampaignMessages, SMSCampaignMessages, Coupons, CouponCodes, Images.

The EmailCampaigns and SMSCampaigns objects replaced the Campaigns object.

Procedures updates

The SuppressProfiles and UnsuppressProfiles procedures require a new format for the SuppressionEmail parameter. See more details in our Klaviyo connector topic.